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Assistant Teacher/Paraprofessional
position. Posted on 08-26-2019.
  • Job Description:    Assistant Teacher/Paraprofessional

    Reports to:    Lead Classroom Teacher
    Main Function:
    Assist in the administration of classroom instruction for assigned students in ADVANCE Academy.

    Key Responsibilities:
        •    Provide instructional and clerical support for classroom teacher.
        •    Deliver classroom instruction for assigned students. 
        •    Implement curriculum and lesson plans in individual and small group settings.
        •    Ensure that students are actively engaged throughout the day.
        •    Assist lead teacher in curriculum preparation, testing, and evaluating student progress.
        •    Record academic and behavioral data for assigned students.
        •    Implement student-specific and classroom-wide reinforcement programs and behavior plans.
        •    Follow daily classroom schedule.
        •    Coordinate all materials with teaching team members.
        •    Monitor assigned students across a variety of settings.
        •    Assist lead teacher in curriculum preparation, testing, and evaluating student progress.
        •    Assist, as needed, in development of IEPs for classroom students.
        •    Participate in parent/teacher conferences as needed.
        •    Assist other team members, as needed
        •    Any other duties as assigned.

    Organizational Requirements:
        •    Exhibit good communication and interpersonal skills.
        •    Contribute to a positive work climate and to overall team effort of the organization.
        •    Adhere to organizational policies and procedures.
        •    Ability to work independently
        •    Ability to work within a team
        •    Ability to interpret guidelines and requirements
        •    Punctual and reliable.

    Experience, Education and Other Minimum Qualifications:

        •    High school diploma as well as at least two years’ experience/training in working with children with developmental disabilities and related communication delays.
        •    Experience with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) preferred
        •    Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) certification preferred

    Please send resumes to:

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