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Clinical Director

Do not contact practice directly. 

Savannah Plastic Surgery is looking for a Clinical Director to be responsible for maintaining the quality and adequacy of nursing practice and to recognize and assist in solving professional, administrative and supervisory problems in the practice clinic. The position requires considerable judgment in applying professional knowledge in solving nursing problems within established policies and practices. The Clinical Director will work with the HR Director and Administrator to hire new staff and coordinate with the ASC Director to make sure staff are being utilized efficiently in Clinical and in Surgery. 


1.    Works closely with ASC Director in scheduling of staff members and ordering of injectables and clinic supplies

2.    Assists with annual budget preparation by identifying supply and equipment needs.

3.    Maintains proficiency with computer scheduling system to ensure that physicians have proper clinical staffing.

4.    Supervises staff and assures survey compliance on a daily basis.

5.    Provides guidance and support to staff to better plan work flow.

6.    Provides clinical expertise in medical management and behavior management techniques.

7.    Directs clinical staff response to emergencies, such as severe weather, fire or bomb scare and disaster evacuation plan, as needed.

8.    Meets routinely with the administrator and manager group.

9.    Managing the development and implementation of nursing policies and procedures.

10. Manages and/or leads committees.

11. Conducts and coordinates internal and external compliance audits to ensure that all areas of the clinical compliance program are being adhered such as OSHA, Hippa, and maintaining of the MSDS Safety Sheets.


1.    LPN with a current state licence

2.    Supervisory experience in a team leader role

3.    Work experience as a professional nurse

4.    CPR certification

5.    The ability to frequently lift and/or move items over 20 pounds.


Apply for this position using the contact information below.

Position Type: Full Time
Company: Savannah Plastic Surgery
Address: Hodgson Memorial Drive, Savannah, GA, 31406
Email: tgroover@sullivangrouphr.com
Phone: 9123523800
Salary: Starting $18/hr