Do you love boats and working on the water?
Are you a "people person" that likes interacting with the public?
Do you want to learn maritime skills and be part of a successful team?
Summary of Position: Our Deck Hands are hard-working, team-oriented, and dedicated to the safety and enjoyment of our passengers. While previous experience working on boats is a big plus, it is not required. However, enthusiasm and eagerness to learn all facets of working on the water are musts, as well as the capacity to withstand all weather conditions. We strive to provide friendly and responsive service to create a memorable and exceptional experience for all guests.  Successful applicant will receive training relative to Maritime Industry, which is applicable to United States Coast Guard certified vessels. 

Reports to: Captain/First Mate/Senior Deckhand
Duties & Responsibilities
    •    Welcome and greet all guests upon arrival on site.
    •    Be knowledgeable of the daily boat schedule, cruise descriptions, and prices.
    •    Be courteous and helpful to the other departments, work well with others.
    •    Prepare boat for cruises.
    •    Monitor passengers and crew for unsafe practices.
    •    Be ready and willing to assist passengers and fellow crew members as situations arise.
    •    Attend all safety, security, training activities.
    •    Maintain cleanliness of boats and docks.
    •    Take trash to dumpster at the end of each shift.
    •    Handle and care for vessels’ mooring lines.
    •    Stand watch at boarding ramps during boarding and debarkation.
    •    Must respond to emergency situations promptly while acting only under Captain/Mate/Senior deckhands orders.
    •    Thank guests as they debark the vessels.
    •    Complete any and all other tasks as assigned by Captain or First Mate.
    •    No previous experience required.
    •    Must be willing to learn new skills.
    •    Must be able to safely lift objects weighing up to fifty (50) pounds.
    •    Must be able to use a scrub brush over head.
    •    Must be able to work in a kneeling position.
    •    Must be able to work in a standing position for long periods of time (5+hours).
    •    Must be able to communicate clearly & effectively in the predominant language(s) of guests.
    •    Must have exceptional grooming and hygiene habits.
    •    Must be able to work in hot, wet, humid outdoor environments.

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Company: River Street Riverboat Company