Maintenance Mechanic

Responsible for ordering parts, tools, and welding supplies. Check all airlines for leaks daily. Repair small tools and equipment such as drills, grinders and welding machines as needed. Check oxygen and all gases for bottles that are empty and put them in their right location in the rack. Grease and/or lubricating of all equipment will be done on a weekly basis. Note it is required you blow out air filters and radiators. Overhead cranes are to be maintained on a monthly basis. Engines, rear ends and transmissions will be rebuilt by others but installed by the maintenance department. Minor repairs on cooling and electrical systems will be done by maintenance department. Oil changes and filter replacement should be done on a monthly basis. Fueling forklifts and checking oil will be done daily.

Full time hourly position with pay based on experience. Overtime available. Benefits include health insurance, paid holidays, paid vacation, and IRA plan. Experience required.

Apply in person, Monday – Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm. Omega Steel, Inc. 3375 HWY 80 Bloomingdale, GA 31302 or email your resume to

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Position Type: Full Time
Company: Omega Steel, Inc.
Address: 3375 US Highway 80 W, Bloomingdale, GA, 31302
Phone: (912) 748-6668
Fax: (912) 748-7014