Nursery Worker

Job Description

St. Johns Nursery Worker Paid Staff

Principle Function:

Provides for the physical, emotional and intellectual stimulation and safety of children ages 0-4

years while working in the churchs nursery. Works under the direction of the Director of Childrens Ministry.

General Qualifications:

1) Be of good moral and Christian character.

2) Be polite, friendly and courteous to all children, parents, and volunteers.

3) Speak in a gentle tone of voice to the children.

4) Stability of physical, mental and emotional health.

5) Knowledge of the age appropriate needs for children 0-4 years.

6) Ability to adapt and interact with a variety of personalities/characteristics commonto children ages 0-4 years.

7) Active willingness to advance personal knowledge of nursery care for children 0-4years (i.e. seminars, readings, etc.).

8) Willingness to submit to background and drug screenings.

9) Absences will be communicated in advance to the Director of Childrens Ministry.

Education Requirements:

High School Diploma or GED equivalent

Essential Duties:

Abides by all Safe Sanctuary policies of the Episcopal Diocese- Safeguarding Gods Children

Greets each child and calls him/her by name when dropped off by parent(s)/guardians.

Completes Nursery Registration Records and communicates special needs to volunteersand Nursery Coordinators.

Arrives on time to the nursery at least 15 minutes prior to the service for which they arescheduled. Stays until all children are secured with a responsible adult named on thechilds registration form.

Cleans and disinfects toys each Sunday (only toys played with on that Sunday) afterchildren have left.

Maintains good hand washing/hand hygiene after diaper changes and after assistingchildren with tissues for coughs, sneezes or runny noses.

Wears latex free gloves while changing diapers, utilizes wax paper barrier anddisinfects the diaper changing area after each diaper change.

Engages children in organized activities while staying in nursery, i.e. age appropriatesongs, stories, lessons, crafts, etc.

Ensures safety of the nursery environment, i.e. cleaning products and medicationsstored out of reach of children, outlet covers on electrical outlets, etc.

Other duties as assigned.


Dependability is essential, tardiness and excessive unscheduled absences may resultin termination of employment.

Nursery Workers report to the director of Childrens Ministry

Paid Nursery workers are expected to work holidays that fall on Sunday and may beasked to work additional hours during busy times, i.e. Holy week, Ash Wednesday, Easter


$15 an hour

Payment will be for 4 hours every Sunday morning- regardless of whether you are to leave before this period has been completed.

Apply for this position using the contact information below.

Position Type: Part Time
Company: St, Johns's Church
Salary: $15 an hour