Savannah Employment FAQ

Who are we?

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Savannah Jobs is consistently #1 in Google, Yahoo and Bing searches by job seekers, looking for positions in our market.

Why should I post my job on Savannah Jobs
Savannah Jobs provides you with the most cost efficient (30 days for $199) avenue to access individuals in Savannah and beyond (over 40,000 visitors per month and growing).

How will people respond to my ad?
Much like the ads placed in print media, it is your preference how potential candidates get their resume to you. In our job posting form, there are places to put your fax number, e-mail address, and/or physical address. You decide what works best for your companies needs.

Once my position is posted, will I be able to edit throughout the course of the 30 days?
YES! To edit a position, log in to your account, select "Manage Jobs", and choose the position you would like to edit. You may change information at any time during the 30-day active period.

Can I place a blind ad on your site?
YES! Just select "Make this a confidential posting" when you post a new position. Please note that job seekers will not be able to see your contact information of your company information $50 extra fee.

I do not want to fill out the online job form. Can I still post my job?
YES! The Savannah Jobs staff will accept a emailed job description of the position you want to advertise. You must provide all of your contact information when faxing a job description, so we can contact you to go over the description. There is a $50 surcharge for this service.

How many people visit your site on a monthly basis?
Presently, there are over 40,000 visitors to the site per month. attracts individuals locally and nationally.

How will I know when my job will be posted?
Once you fill out the job and credit card forms, we will review your position to make sure it includes all necessary information. Once completed, you will be notified via e-mail that your job has been posted.

Do you offer a volume discount for companies interested in posting multiple openings?
YES! We are happy to offer our customers who post multiple positions a discount. Please see our Rates Page.

If my position is still open after 30 days, is it possible to leave it on your site for an additional 30 days?
You may renew a current job posting on Savannah Jobs for an additional 30 days for $149.

Will I be notified when my 30 days are up?
YES! You will receive an e-mail reminder 48 hours before your posting will end on our site. Hopefully, you will have been successful recruiting a candidate for your posted position; if not, you may choose at that time to renew the position for an additional $149.

Is it possible to pay by another method than credit card?
YES! While we gladly accept Visa and MasterCard and American Express as methods of payment.

Can I advertise my company on your site?
YES! You can become a featured employer on our homepage; please contact our staff at info@Savannah Jobs or 912.961.8891 to do so.