Church Sexton

Church Sexton

The Sexton works under the supervision of the Property Manager with oversight by the Property Committee. The Sexton position is an important support function and provides a variety of assistance and support throughout the week to staff and ministry leaders. This is a full-time position with 40 scheduled hours per week. Major responsibilities include:

1). Program Preparation and Clean-Up (e.g., Sunday School, Fellowship & Other Events, Council & Congregation meetings, 6 East State)

Set-up tables and chairs

Set up any needed equipment (projector, screen, TV, speakers, etc.)

Make sure the facility is orderly and clean, correct any issues.

Wipe down coffee counter after event.

Spot clean floors in Crumley Hall, kitchen and side halls after event (when food is served)

Pick-up and remove trash after the event.

2). Worship Preparation and Clean-Up (including Funerals & Weddings, 6 East State)

Open and close building

Sweep the front sidewalk and entry ways and remove any trash.

Ensure restrooms have TP and hand towels.

Put bulletins in Narthex.

Post hymn-boards as requested.

Put flowers/banners in sanctuary.

Run elevator and monitor lower narthex during service.

Pick-up and remove trash before & after service.

3). Outside Work & Cleaning

Clean and pick-up sidewalks
- Call city for repairs

Remove trash from tree grates.

Parking Lot - remove trash and weeds as needed.

Water planters and remove weeks.

Update / Change marquee at direction of staff

Remove any trash or debris from windowsills, around doors

4). Inside Work & Cleaning: Sanctuary

Brass Lectern

Shields in chancel Baptism area

Elevator Gate

Door pulls Pulpit

Marble floor in Nave Communion rail in Nave

Marquees Dust windowsills and horizontal surfaces in upper narthex

5). Inside Work & Cleaning: Kitchen & Crumley Hall

Sinks and Stove

Refrigerator and freezer (inside and out)

Dishwasher and Icemaker

Wipe down counters and tables as needed.

Dust windowsills and all horizontal surfaces in hall and narthex

Mop floor as needed.

Empty trash as needed

6). Clean all restrooms including sinks, toilets, and floors.

7). Inside Work & Cleaning: Classrooms & Offices

Dust all horizontal surfaces

Nursery & kindergarten
- Clean and sanitize weekly (toys cribs, chairs, lines, etc.)

Sunday School Rooms

Music Room (at the direction of Music Director)

Eyler Library

Staff offices

7). General Items

Replenish Bathrooms, Toilet paper, Hand towels, Soap.

Change light bulbs as needed.

Minor repairs and additional tasks assigned by Pastor or Property Manager.

Errands at the direction of the Property Manager and/or Pastor

Set-up of Captain Butlers as needed for church events.

Job Requirements:

Ability to read and write.

Clean and neat personal appearance

Able to relate well to church members, visitors and vendors.

Self-motivated, require minimal supervision.

Lift 40 pounds and climb ladders up to 12 feet

Follow safety guidelines.

Must pass a pre-employment physical.

Must pass a criminal background check.

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