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Forklift Operator

Basic Responsibilities:

The job involves forklift operation/material handling. You must be able to work independently and with limited supervision as well as work with large crews during major job tasks.  Quality workmanship / craftsmanship is a must to completing all assigned job task. Personal Safety Standards established by CIC  and or the Host Facility must be followed by all employees to ensure your personal safety, fellow employees as well as Coastal Industrial Company LLC.

Specific Duties:

1. Equipment Operator - have knowledge and experience operating or working in the environment of heavy industrial forklift operation.

2. Have a basic knowledge or understanding of the different kinds of powered industrial trucks. Vertical Mast / Extending Boom

3. Show competency and proficiency in ability to operate both prior to operation.

4. Be able ot secure materials and or loads for transportation throughout the worksite.

5. Assist co-workers in other trades as needed.

6. Execute assigned job tasks in accordance with all company policy and procedures, and state/federal laws. 

7. Staying informed on safe work practices as established by OSHA, CIC and Host Facility. 

8. Complete and prove competency in all required training by OSHA, CIC and Host Facility.

9. Maintaining constant awareness of work practices that could impact the safety of CIC and HOST Facility employees, as well as any host facility specific environmental hazards. 

10. Performing other duties as required. 


1. Any job-related qualifications such as certificates, equipment licensing, and documentation of past work experience.

2. The ability to work long hours and perform heavy manual labor when necessary, could include lifting (up to 50lbs. or more), climbing, walking (up to 3 miles or more per day) and repetative motion (Requires passing a pre-hire physical and drug screen).

3. Communication skills, team player, organized, detail oriented, self starter and the ability to adjust to changing priorities.

4. Thy physical ability to adjust to changing weather and host facility conditions. 

Apply for this position using the contact information below.

Position Type: Full Time
Company: Coastal Industrial Company LLC
Address: P.O. Box 1285, Jesup, GA, 31598
Web: cicapplicants@gmail.com
Email: cicapplicants@gmail.com
Phone: (912) 832 - 2161
Fax: (912) 832 - 2182
Salary: Based on Experience