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Loader Operator/Plant Maintenance

Duties: - Operate heavy equipment, such as loaders, to load and unload materials - Safely operate loader to move materials on jobsite - Perform routine maintenance on loader and plant equipment, such as conducting inspections and reporting any mechanical issues
Requirements: - Proven experience in operating heavy equipment, such as loaders or cranes - Proficiency in using tools to work on plant - Ability to perform basic maintenance tasks - Strong attention to detail and ability to follow instructions accurately - Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to work well under pressure - Valid driver's license with a clean driving record

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Position Type: Full Time
Company: GATA Ready Mix
Address: 575 James Road, Alpharetta, GA, 31405
Email: quince.banks@gatarm.com
Phone: 6782968269
Salary: $23hr- $28hr based on experience